Key Research Interests and Expertise

Application and development of the methods of economic evaluation

Research design (member of the East of England Research Design Service (RDS) and Norwich Clinical Trials Unit)

Selected research Grants

NIHR Research Design Service East of England (RDS EoE). The RDS EoE supports researchers to develop and design high quality research proposals for submission to NIHR funding programmes and other open, national, peer reviewed funding competitions, for health or social care research. It offers free and confidential advice to support health and social care researchers turn their ideas into strong research proposals.
Role: Deputy Director, site lead & co-applicant

The Norfolk Diabetes Prevention Study (NDPS). NDPS seeks to deliver a realistic diabetes prevention programme in the community. It assess whether diet and physical activity intervention, with and without the use of lay mentors with type 2 diabetes (T2DM), reduces the risk of transition to T2DM and is cost-effective, compared to usual care, in groups at high risk of Type 2 diabetes.
Role: Health economist & co-applicant

Dex-CSDH trial. A randomised, double blind, placebo-controlled trial of a two-week course of dexamethasone for adult patients with a symptomatic Chronic Subdural Haematoma
Role: Health economist & co-applicant

RESCUE-ASDH. Randomised Evaluation of Surgery with Craniectomy versus craniotomy for adult head-injured patients Undergoing Evacuation of Acute Subdural Haematoma.
Role: Health economist & co-applicant

ARRISA-UK. At-Risk Registers Integrated into primary care to Stop Asthma crises in the UK: A pragmatic cluster randomised trial with nested economic and process evaluations examining the effects of integrating at-risk asthma registers into primary care with internet-based training and support.
Role: Health economist & co-applicant

PRODIGY. Prevention and treatment of long term social disability amongst young people with emerging severe mental illness: A randomised controlled trial
Role: Health economist & co-applicant

Selected papers
Quentin Summerfield & Garry Barton. Differential sensitivity of EQ-5D-3L, HUI2, HUI3, and SF-6D to changes in speech reception and annoyance due to tinnitus associated with unilateral cochlear implantation in adults with severe-profound hearing impairment. Quality of Life Research (in press).

Twigg MJ, Wright D, Barton G, Kirkdale CL, Thornley T. The Pharmacy Care Plan Service: service evaluation and estimate of cost-effectiveness. Research in Social and Administrative Pharmacy. (2018),

Hunter SM, Johansen-berg H, Ward N, Kennedy N, Chandler E, Weir CJ, Rothwell J, Wing AM, Grey MJ, Barton G, Leavey NM, Havis C, Lemon R, Burridge J, Dymond A, Pomeroy VM. Functional Strength Training and Movement Performance Therapy for upper limb recovery early post-stroke – efficacy, neural correlates, predictive markers and cost-effectiveness: FAST-INdiCATE trial. Frontiers in Neurology (in press)

Crossman-Barnes CJ, Peel A, Fong-Soe-Khioe R, Sach T, Wilson A, Barton G. Economic evidence for non-pharmacological asthma management interventions: A systematic review. Allergy (in press)

Alava MH, Wailoo A, Grimm S, Pudney S, Gomes M, Sadique Z, Meads D, O’Dwyer J, Barton G, Irvine L. EQ-5D-5L versus 3L: the impact on cost-effectiveness in the UK. Value in Health. 2018; 21: 49-56.

Fowler D, French P, Banerjee R, Barton G, Berry C, Byrne R, Clarke T, Fraser R, Gee B, Greenwood K, Notley C, Parker S, Shepstone L, Wilson J, Yung AR. Hodgekins J. Prevention and treatment of long term social disability amongst young people with emerging severe mental illness (The PRODIGY Trial): Protocol for a definitive randomised controlled trial of Social Recovery Therapy. Trials. 18, 315.

Barton GR, Irvine L, Flather M, McCann GP, Curzen N, Gershlick AH, on behalf of the CvLPRIT trial investigators. Economic evaluation of complete revascularisation for patients with multi-vessel disease undergoing primary percutaneous coronary intervention. Value in Health 2017; 20: 745–751

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Blyth A, Maskrey V, Notley C, Barton GR, Brown TJ, Aveyard P, Richard Holland, Max O Bachmann,
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Logan PA, Armstrong S, Avery TJ, Barer D, Barton GR, Darby J, et al. Rehabilitation aimed at improving outdoor mobility for people after stroke: a multi-centre randomised controlled study (the Getting out of the House Study). Health Technol Assess 2014;18 (29)

M Goodall,  G Barton, P Bower, P Byrne, JE Cade, S Capewell, C Cleghorn, LA Kennedy, AM Martindale, C Roberts, S Woolf, MB Gabbay. Food for thought: pilot randomised controlled trial of Lay Health Trainers supporting dietary change to reduce cardiovascular disease in deprived communities. Journal of Public Health 2013; 36: 635-643.      

Barton GR, Fairall L, Bachmann MO, Uebel K, Timmerman V, Lombard C, Zwarenstein M. Cost-effectiveness of nurse-led versus doctor-led antiretroviral treatment in South Africa: Pragmatic cluster randomised trial. Tropical Medicine & International Health 2013; 18: 769-777.        

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ID: 62287