Key Research Interests and Expertise

My central interests:
Foundations of cognitive science
Philosophy of mind
Philosophy of science

Recent areas of interest:
Philosophy of mental health
Philosophy of psychiatry
Philosophy of gender, feminism and anything LGBTQ+

In my doctoral thesis, “Revised Kantian Naturalism: Cognition and the limits of inquiry”, I argued for the possibility of a quasi-Kantian philosophy of science, based upon Cassirer’s neo-Kantian approach to relativity theory and drawing upon Chomsky’s arguments for methodological naturalism. I apply this modified Kantian position to two problems within the overlap between philosophy of science and philosophy of mind.

The first issue concerns the possibility of a problem-mystery distinction for human inquiry and I use my quasi-Kantian position to challenge the notion that such a strict demarcation is possible. I highlight the remaining important insights about the nature of inquiry which are nonetheless integral to Chomsky’s suggestion.

The second problem concerns how we should characterise the achievements of scientific explanatory theories and how such success is so much as possible, with explicit reference to debates surrounding structural realism. I demonstrate that Cassirer’s broadly Kantian unity principle lends support to the defence of ontic structural realism over constructive empiricism.

I intend to return to research and produce papers for publication, based on these two strands to my thesis:
‘Problems, Mysteries and the Limits of Science.’
‘Investigative Modesty and Ontic Structural Realism.’

Further papers I have in mind include work on Kant’s aesthetic theory of the sublime, and an application of Chomsky’s methodological naturalism to questions about the metaphysics of diagnostic categories in psychiatry.

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