I started university a bit later than most students, in my mid-twenties. I hadn’t studied any philosophy before, but quickly realised that the sorts of questions which had always fascinated me, and which I loved thinking about the most, were essentially philosophical questions. (I remember thinking: “oh, I get it: I’m not weird, I’m just a philosopher!”) I studied at UEA for my BA Joint Honours in English Literature and Philosophy (2003-06). In my second year, I got hooked on Kant and logic (and, after that, on cognitive science, linguistics and philosophy of science); so I ended up sitting in on extra philosophy lectures to fit in as much extra philosophy as I could.

Given my interests at undergraduate level, I was taught a great deal by Prof. John Collins. Whilst taking John’s module ‘Language in Mind’, on Chomsky, I wrote an extended essay on Kant’s relevance to Chomsky’s philosophy of mind (in particular, his suggestions about the limits of our cognition). Upon handing in the essay, I realised I couldn’t put it down: I was obsessed with the issues, and they subsequently became the basis for my PhD thesis topic.

I went straight on to do my PhD (2006-11), also at UEA, and continued to study under John Collins; he acted as my primary supervisor, and Dr. Angela Breitenbach was my secondary supervisor. I had the opportunity to act as the secretary to the executive committee for the British Postgraduate Philosophy Society for two years (2007-09), through which I met some fantastic fellow philosophers. Throughout my PhD, I was lucky enough to have over four years of experience as a seminar tutor, and discovered that I am just as passionate about teaching philosophy as I am about writing it.

Earlier this year (2011), I submitted and defended my thesis (examined by Dr. Eugen Fischer and Prof. Wolfram Hinzen). Just two weeks after graduation, I was lucky enough to be offered my current position as a postdoctoral lecturing fellow (2011-12), which is my first academic appointment.

PhD in Philosophy, UEA (awarded at graduation: July 2011).
BA Joint Hons English and Literature, starred first, UEA (July 2006).

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