Key Research Interests and Expertise

PhD Supervision

My research supervision interests are:
Innovation Management and New Product Development
Disruptive Innovation
Social Innovation/Low carbon innovation management
Open Innovation
Knowledge Exchange (University/Industry links)

PhDs Supervised:
Karen Young (2000 - 2003) PhD "An Exploration of the Use of Graphic Facilitative Methods within the Strategic Change Process"

Peter Thomond (2001 - 2004) PhD "Exploring and Describing the Pursuit of Disruptive Innovation in Average Performing Firms"

Atai Ziv (2001 - 2004) PhD "An Exploration of the Strategy Formation Process in Diverse Business Organisations"

Martin Wickes (2001 - 2005) PhD "An Explorative Study into the Design and Use of Visual Reporting Systems in Project and Programme Management Environments"

Carol Webb (2002 - 2005) PhD "An Exploration of Sense-Making and Learning with Complexity Science: A diary-based study"

Ingo Forstenlechner (2003 - 2005) PhD "Impact of Knowledge Management on Law Firm Performance: An Investigation of Causality Across Cultures"

Torsten Herzberg (2003 - 2006) PhD "Towards a Mid-Range Theory of Method Selection for Pre-Project Innovation Activities"

Markus Tschida (2005 - 2010) PhD "The Impact of Market Orientation on the Performance of Professional Service Firms"

Hieu Nguyen (2006 - 2010) PhD "Antecedents and Determinants of Supply Chain Integration and Links to Firm Performance: Purchasing and Production Managers' Perspectives"

Jalal Tantoush (2006 - 2010) PhD "The Impact of Sanctions on Buyer-supplier Relationships in the Libyan Oil Industry"

Sadaqat Ali (2008 - 2011) PhD  "Market Based Organisational Learning and Organisational Capabilities - An Integrative Framework"

Richard Rutter (2009 - 2013) PhD "An Empirical Study of the Effect of Brand Personality and Consistency between Marketing Channels on Performance within the UK Higher Education Sector"

Dimitrios Zafeirakis (2011-2015) PhD "Design, Modelling and Valuation of Innovative Dispatch Strategies for Energy Storage Systems"

Kemi Faloye (2007-2015) PhD "What Factors Influence Co-opetitive Relationships within an Inter-Organisational Network?"


Research Grants

Principal Investigator or University Scientific Person in Charge unless otherwise indicated:

NIMCube "New-use and Innovation Management and Measurement Methodology", EC-IST-1999-11926, Jan 2001 – July 2002 (approx £150,000)

Project'ion "A feasibility study into the use of visually based tools in technical projects", EPSRC GR/R/54750, Oct 2001 to June 2003 (with Centrica and Abbey National - approx £82,000)

DISRUPT IT Management Methodology for Disruptive Innovations, EC–IST-2001-33372,Feb 2002 to July 2004 (with Fraunhofer Institute, Skandia, Schlumberger Sema, Israeli Aircraft Industries - approx £139,000)

RODEO "Robust Business Development of Organisations – Adaptation within Turbulent Environments", EC-IST-2001-35329, April 2002 to Sept 2004 (with Cezanne Software, Skandia, Competitive Design Network, Austrian Technology Centres, University of Stuttgart - approx £215,000)

CIKM "Creation of Innovation through Knowledge Management, EC-IST-2001-34442, Mar 2002 to Aug 2003 (with Fraunhofer Institute, Vodafone, empolis, Skandia - approx £65,000)

COLLABOR8 "Improving Knowledge Transfer and Innovation in Manufacturing Clusters", EPSRC/IMRC, Oct 2003 to Sept 2005 (with East of England Development Agency and Cranfield Creates - approx £194,000)
Trans-Campus Research Fellow in Performance Management, Oct 2005 – Sept 2008, approx £45,000 (co-investigator)

EEEGR and DTi (Sept 2004 - Sept 2005) – UK Pipeline Project Support and Facilitation (UKCS-PRP) - approx £7,600

Creating Awareness and Understanding of Complexity Science Principles for Real World Research, EPSRC EP/D033667/1, Nov 2005 – Oct 2006 - approx £62,000 (co-investigator)

Impact of Research and Innovation Networks on Regional Competitiveness: The Role of HEIs, ESRC ES/E017959/1, Mar 2007 - Feb 2009 - approx £437,000 (co-investigator) - with Manchester Business School (Prof J Howells) and University of Wales Institute Cardiff Business School (Prof R Boden)

Drivers of Carbon Reduction and Social Innovation, HEFCE Carbon Connections, 2007-2011, approx £11,000

Sync The City, EPSRC Nemode, August to November 2014 (with HP, Norfolk County Council, SyncNorwich, Rainbird, Adap+, Sandler Training, Everpress and Purple Tuesday - approx £31,000)

Building Information Modelling, Innovate UK KTP009369 (Knowledge Base Leader), Feb 2014 to Jul 2015, (with Skyline CG, Nottingham - approx £91,000)

EC TILOS "Technology Innovation for the Local Scale, Optimum Integration of Battery Energy Storage", LC-08-2014, Jan 2015 to Dec 2018, approx £461,000 (co-investigator)



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