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    Measuring genetic variation in wild populations: from molecular markers to adaptive traits

    Carvalho, GR., Van Oosterhout, C., Hauser, L. & Magurran, AE., 2002, Genes in the Environment. Behringer, J., Hails, RS. & Godfrey, C. (eds.). Oxford: Blackwell Science, p. 91-111 21 p.

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    Macro- and micro-geographic variation in pantophysin (PanI) allele frequencies in NE Atlantic cod Gadus morhua

    Case, RA., Hutchison, WF., Hauser, L., Van Oosterhout, C. & Carvalho, GR., 2005, In : Marine Ecology Progress Series. 301, p. 267-278 12 p.

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    Long-term cleaning patterns of the sharknose goby (Elacatinus evelynae)

    Dunkley, K., Ellison, A. R., Mohammed, R. S., van Oosterhout, C., Whittey, K. E., Perkins, S. E. & Cable, J., Apr 2019, In : Coral Reefs. 38, 2, p. 321–330

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticle

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    Invasive freshwater snails provide resource for native marine hermit crabs

    Van Oosterhout, C., Mohammed, R., Xavier, R., Stephenson, J., Archard, G., Hockley, F., Perkins, S. & Cable, J., Jun 2013, In : Aquatic Invasions. 8, 2, p. 185-191 7 p.

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    Invasive cyprinid fish in Europe originate from the single introduction of an admixed source population followed by a complex pattern of spread

    Simon, A., Britton, R., Gozlan, R., van Oosterhout, C., Volckaert, F. A. M. & Hänfling, B., 3 Jun 2011, In : PLoS One. 6, 6, e18560.

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    Interactions between male guppies facilitates the transmission of the mongenean ectoparasite Gyrodactylus turnbulli

    Richards, E. L., Van Oosterhout, C. & Cable, J., Dec 2012, In : Experimental Parasitology. 132, 4, p. 483-486 4 p.

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticle

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    Inference of Selection Based on Temporal Genetic Differentiation in the Study of Highly Polymorphic Multigene Families

    McMullan, M. & Van Oosterhout, C., 10 Aug 2012, In : PLoS One. 7, 8, e42119.

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticle

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    Inbreeding depression and genetic load in Poecilia reticulata: how the guppy lost its spots

    Van Oosterhout, C., Trigg, RE., Carvalho, GR., Hauser, L., Magurran, AE. & Shaw, PW., 2003, In : Journal of Evolutionary Biology. 16, 2, p. 273-281 9 p.

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticle

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