Dr Charles Seger, Lecturer in Psychology, joined the School of Social Work and Psychology in 2010. He has a B.S. in Psychology from Northern Kentucky University (2001) and a PhD in Psychology from Indiana University (2010). He is an experimental social psychologist and a member of the Society for Personality and Social Psychology (SPSP). He has received research funding from SPSP and the National Science Foundation.

Dr Seger leads the Social and Embodied Cognition Research Group at UEA.

Every day I am thankful for the intellectually-stimulating environment provided by the University of East Anglia. This is an exciting time for this university, and particularly for our new, quickly growing School of Psychology. UEA has allowed me to pursue fascinating research topics that could potentially have far-reaching impacts for how we understand intergroup relations. I maintain collaborations across the University and around the world. I have been given the ability to integrate my teaching and research and I’ve seen how research-led teaching enriches the experience of my students.

Indicative Publications

Seger, C., Smith, E. R., Percy, E. J., & Conrey, F. R. (in press). Reach out and reduce prejudice: The impact of interpersonal touch on intergroup liking. Basic and Applied Social Psychology.

Smith, E., Seger, C., & Mackie, D. (2007). Can emotions be truly group level? Evidence regarding four conceptual criteria. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, Vol. 93 (3), 431–446.

Seger, C., Smith, E., Kinias, Z., & Mackie, D. (2009). Knowing how they feel: Perceiving emotions felt by outgroups. Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, 45, 80–89.

Seger, C., Smith, E., & Mackie, D. (2009). Subtle activation of a social categorization triggers group-level emotions. Journal of Experimental Social Psychology 45, 460–467.



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