I joined Norwich Business School in March 2016. My research interests can be categorised by the relationships between information technology and people. I have always been interested in how and why people use technology, and how technological configurations impact the people that use them. I have been able to explore this with multiple research interest areas such as virtual worlds, social media, systems analysis, mobile services, and user requirements. This, and my other research interests, often lead me to interdisciplinary research areas, so I am keen to collaborate with other researchers across multiple disciplines.

I did my PhD at the University of Auckland, New Zealand. My PhD thesis was about virtual worlds and computer games. During my doctoral research, I investigated how social movements (users of virtual worlds) continue to use virtual worlds which are constantly evolving as designers implement changes to the system. As more social and business activities are taking place in virtual environments, this study has implications for both societal and organisational usage of virtual worlds. It also has implications for understanding how users of information systems are impacted when designers of a system impose new technological configurations.

I am also working on other papers related to social media. Two papers are based on the work of my dissertation students and focus on how social media is used within organisations. I am working with colleagues in China on a paper investigating why crowdsourcing usage is different to Western countries. I am also working on a new project with a colleague at the University of Surrey regarding the use of social media in tourism. Alongside empirical projects, I am also working on a methodological paper regarding the implications social media has for qualitative researchers in information systems, and business research in general.

I have published in Information and Management, Information and Organization, Asian Business and Management, Information Technology and Tourism, the Journal of Information Systems Education, and the International Journal of E-Services and Mobile Applications. I have worked with research collaborators in New Zealand, USA, Finland, the Netherlands, and the UK.

My office hours are by appointment. Please email me. 

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