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The Environment, Resources, and Conflict research group brings together researchers from different fields of economics to study important issues in environmental economics, conflict studies, and the nexus between the two. It is a young and expanding group within the School of Economics that builds on insights from experimental and behavioural economics – which the School is renowned for – and from empirical and theoretical work in environmental and resource economics – which a growing number of School members are focusing on.

Many of our members run experiments in the lab or in the field, but we also employ micro- and macroeconometric data, data from historical documents, and formal theoretical models in our research. Current research projects in the group include investigating the interaction between environmental policy, energy and natural resource use; the role of natural resources in economic growth and development; how the environment and natural resources contribute to conflict; the economic roots of violent and nonviolent conflict; the economics of migration; group identity and within- and between-group dynamics; the effects of discriminatory and affirmative-action rules; group and individual behaviour in costly contests; the origins of industrial actions; and group bargaining and coordination.

Much of our research is of great policy relevance and is very interdisciplinary. Members collaborate closely with researchers at UEA’s School of International Development, the Centre for Competition Policy (CCP), and the Centre for Behavioural and Experimental Social Sciences (CBESS). Our researchers work in partnership with academics from the UK and the rest of Europe, North America, and Africa, as well as a number of non-academic organisations. Our members have an excellent record of successful grant applications from institutions such as the ESRC, the European Commission, the British Academy, the Leverhulme Trust, and the Research Council of Norway.

We have a number of enthusiastic research students who are pursuing their PhD on topics related to our group.

Finally, we organise informal workshops in which we bring together researchers working on related topics from different Schools at UEA and from outside research institutes.


PhD Study

To apply for a position as a PhD candidate with a proposal on a topic related to our research group, please feel free to contact one of the group members by email and follow the UEA PhD admissions procedure


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