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Child protection is a key area of past success for the CRCF which is being expanded into a range of studies, including working with men and fathers in child protection, and preventing child sexual exploitation. All studies continue to produce important findings for policy and practice to improve children's safety and well being as well as support for their families.


Our recent child protection and family support research spans the safeguarding continuum including  studies of the most serious maltreatment resulting in death and serious harm to children; children on the edge of care and in care proceedings; support for families with complex problems and children's views of child protection and other services.


The use of innovative participatory methods has enabled us to involve not only children and families in many studies but also young researchers to try to understand more about children's lives and how to make services more responsive to children and their families' needs.


Current research projects:


Complete research projects since 2014:

'Counting Fathers In' - Understanding men's experiences of the child protection system (2014-2017)

An evaluation of the effectiveness of a digital campaign to raise awareness of child sexual exploitation amongst 9-18 year olds in two districts of Norfolk (2017)

An Evaluation of the Assist Trust, Norwich: A voluntary service for adults with intellectual disabilities

A follow-up review of community social work in a London borough

An example of multi-agency working with children and young people at risk of child sexual exploitation from the perspectives of key safegaurding agencies (2015-2016)

Triennial review of Serious Case Reviews (2011-2014)

Rights through Alliances – Innovating and Networking BOth within Homes and School (RAINBOW HAS): Research on family discourses and analysis of best practices in tacking homophobic bullying in schools (2013-2015)

A study of the support needs of sex workers across Norfolk, UK (2014)

Missed opportunities: indicators of neglect - what is ignored, why and what can be done (2014)

An examination of the perspectives and experiences of police officers working with children and young people at risk of, or involved in, child sexual exploitation (2014)

Review of the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea Families Forward Service (2014)

Improving the Quality of Serious Case Reviews through support and training: Independent Evaluation (2014)

Routes into sexual exploitation: going missing, agency and victimhood (2013–2014)

Evaluation of the Tri-Borough Family Coaching Service (2013-2014)

Completed research projects pre 2014

Recognition and telling: Developing earlier routes to safety for Children and Young People (2011–2013)

Neglect in Serious Case Reviews (2012-13)

Evaluation of the Tri-Borough Care Proceedings Pilot (2012–2013)

A study of family involvement in Case Reviews: messages for Policy and Practice (2009-2012)

Partnership by Law? The Pre-Proceedings process for families on the edge of care proceedings (2010–2012)

Children's and Young People's views of the child protection process (2010–2011)

New Learning from Serious Case Reviews -2009-2011 (2010-2011)

Building on the learning from serious case reviews: a two year analysis of child protection database notification 2007-09 (2009-2010)

Learning from serious case reviews: report of a research study on the methods of learning lessons nationally from serious case reviews (2009-2010)

Understanding Serious Case Reviews and their Impact: A Biennial Analysis of Serious Case Reviews 2005-7 (2007-2009)

Still learning how to keep children safer: an analysis of serious case reviews for the Welsh Assembly Government (2009-2010)

Analysing Child Deaths and Serious Injury through Abuse and Neglect: What can we Learn? A Biennial Analysis of Serious Case Reviews (2003-2005)

Exploring Sensitive Outcomes (2004-2006)

Evaluating the Common Assessment Framework (2005-2006)

Evaluating the Common Assessment Framework in Wales (2006)

Children Living with Significant Harm (2000-2005)

Study of an Intensive Family Preservation Service in England (1999-2001)


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