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Our group addresses two key problems: (1) behavioural risk factors which undermine health and well-being of the population, and (2) the failure to implement evidence-based interventions into (clinical) practice and policy.


Our research programmes, funded by the NIHR, research councils and charities, include a wide range of interventions targeting behaviour change of the public, patients and health and care practitioners.


We have internationally recognised strengths in three key domains:

  1. Delivery modes: scalable behaviour change interventions and implementation strategies, particularly digital and brief one-to-one interventions.
  2. Methodology: systematic development and evaluation of behaviour change interventions and implementation strategies.
  3. Intervention targets: health behaviours including physical activity, smoking, excessive alcohol use and medication adherence, and the implementation of evidence-based practices.


Examples include an individually tailored SMS text message support system to help pregnant women quit smoking (MiQuit), a group-based and website intervention to help people at elevated risk of dementia to adopt a Mediterranean diet and increase physical activity levels (MedEx-UK) and messages to promote the uptake of Public Health England’s SmokeFree and Drink Free Days apps sent to at-risk patients identified via secondary care electronic health records.


We are UEA partners and founders of the ‘Changing Behaviour and Implementing Best Practice’ and ‘Smoke Free’ research groups within UEA Health and Social Care Partners 

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