Key Research Interests

Inequality, poverty and economic growth; international trade, migration and foreign investment; the allocation and effectiveness of international aid; human rights; quantitative methods; economic appraisal (cost benefit analysis and cost effectiveness analysis). Latin America (Mexico, Guatemala, Ecuador); Africa (Uganda, Kenya).

Research Groups: Business, Accountability, Regulation and Development


My main research interests are in the area of Globalisation and Development. My research on the short-term international mobility of highly-skilled workers shows that developing countries to which this form of mobility remains costly have seen much smaller gains from globalisation than others (articles in Oxford Economic Papers and Journal of International Development). My work also highlights certain ‘puzzles’ in the evidence on globalisation, such as – in marked contrast to the predictions of standard trade theory – increasing relative returns to skilled labour in low-income countries, and sets out certain priorities for further research in this area (article in World Development). I have also explored the effects of time zones on international trade and communication (forthcoming in Review of World Economics).

I also contribute in the School’s work on Growth, Inequality and Poverty Reduction. This includes a recent joint paper with Lucio Esposito on the joint evaluation of absolute and relative deprivation (forthcoming in Journal of Economic Inequality). I have also worked on issues surrounding the Millennium Development Goals and the ‘scaling-up’ of overseas aid, including the controversial questions of how aid affects growth and poverty reduction, and how it should be  allocated across countries (article in Oxford Development Studies) and the growing phenomenon of aid fragmentation (article in Economics Letters).

I also have certain broader interests linked to the School’s work, including: 

- quantitative research methods (e.g. courses/training given at IDS, Keele and ODI);
- methods of economic appraisal, including professional short-course training at UEA and for the UK Government (Department for Business, Innovation and Skills) 
- normative questions around inequality, social justice, and human rights (e.g. recent ODI working paper with Tammie O’Neill, and consultancy work for the Centre for Economic and Social Rights);

- regional interests in Latin America (e.g. Mexico, Ecuador) and Africa (e.g. Uganda), and also strong interests in the North-South aspects of development.

ID: 63486