Key Research Interests

Her latest research project is entitled: Okinawan Arts in its Regional Context: Historical Overview and Contemporary Practice.

The aim is to re-evaluate the significance of mutual influences among the islands of the Okinawan chain in regional, transregional, and transnational contexts.

The research explores the socio-cultural complexities of Okinawan identity over the course of history, and the intersection between art, politics, and identity from an interdisciplinary perspective. Its ensuing studies is to shed light on how Okinawan arts and cultures have been shaped by internal political situations and by a triple subjugation to the United States, Japan, and China.

She has been working with scholars in art history, history, politics, sociology, and performing arts, primarily to identify historical and political processes behind art and cultural forms.

Currently she has undertaken case studies of Okinawan art and culture, and how it relates to changing identities and regional struggles.

ID: 37242334