External Activities

  • Organizer of the DFG-Schwerpunkt Symposium 'Genetic and molecular analysis of basement membranes and membrane anchorage ' (Kloster Irsee; 04/2005)
  • Invited speaker - Joint Meeting of the German/French Connective Tissue Socienties, 2004
  • Invited speaker - Modulation of immune reactions by dying cells and the phosphatidyl-serine ligand annexinA5; Annexins. Catalina Island, 2007
  • Invited speaker - Novel attempts to analyze angiogenesis and the role of collagen IV. XIIIth International Symposium on Basement Membranes, 2007
  • Invited speaker - Annexin A5, Collagen IV, Angiogenesis, Stem cells, Muscle and everything else. Symposium Münster, 2008
  • Invited speaker - Mimicking angiogenic differentiation and maturation in vitro. University Cardiff, 2008
  • Invited speaker - Annexin A5 gene expression is a novel marker for analysing vascular differentiation and tissue regeneration; Annexins. Lacanau, 2009

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