Key Research Interests and Expertise

Elena Nardi’s research is in a range of areas of mathematics education, with a particular emphasis on: the teaching and learning of mathematics at university level; cognitive, social and affective issues of secondary students’ engagement with mathematics; and, secondary mathematics teachers’ epistemological and pedagogical knowledge and beliefs.


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Recent publications include:


Nardi, E. (2008). Amongst mathematicians: Teaching and learning mathematics at university level. New York: Springer.

Journal Papers

Nardi, E., Biza, I., & Zachariades, T. (2011, on line first). ‘Warrant’ revisited: Integrating teachers’ pedagogical and epistemological considerations into Toulmin’s model for argumentation. Educational Studies in Mathematics, tbc(tbc), tbc.

González-Martín, A. S., Nardi, E., & Biza, I. (2011). Conceptually-driven and visually-rich tasks in texts and teaching practice: The case of infinite series. International Journal of Mathematical Education in Science and Technology, 42(5), 565-589.

Biza, I., Nardi, E., & Zachariades, T. (2009). Teacher beliefs and the didactic contract on visualisation. For the Learning of Mathematics, 29(3), 31-36.

Biza, I., Nardi, E., & Zachariades, T. (2007). Using tasks to explore teacher knowledge in situation-specific contexts. Journal of Mathematics Teacher Education, 10, 301-309.

Book chapters

Dreyfus, T., Nardi, E., & Leikin, R. (2012, in press). Forms of proof and proving. In G. Hanna & M. De Villiers (Eds.), 19th International Commission for Mathematics Instruction Study (Proof and Proving). New York: Springer.

Sriraman, B., & Nardi, E. (2012, in press). Theories, models and frameworks. In M. A. K. Clements, A. Bishop, C. Keitel, J. Kilpatrick & F. Leung (Eds.), Third International Handbook of Mathematics Education. New York: Springer.

Nardi, E. (2009). Gaining insight into teaching and learning mathematics at university level through Mason’s inner research. In S. Lerman & B. Davis (Eds.), Mathematical action and structures of noticing (pp. 111-120). NL: Sense Publishers.

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