As well as being a part-time Professor of Industrial Organisation at UEA, I am the Rex G. Baker Jr. Professor of Political Economy at the University of Texas at Austin and Research Fellow at CEPR, a London based, research network of European economists.  Before landing in Austin I held positions at much colder places such as INSEAD, NYU, and UPenn. I completed my undergraduate studies at Universidad de Valencia and later my Ph.D. in Economics at Northwestern University, Evanston, IL.

My area of research is Empirical Industrial Organization with an edge on price discrimination. Most of my work makes use of theoretical models of nonlinear pricing to develop structural estimation methods that account for asymmetry of information and strategic interactions that firms encounter when they design their tariff options. I have applied a significant share of my research to study telecommunications pricing, both under monopoly and competition. This line of research has been somewhat left aside over the past few years, among other things, because I found it much easier to sell some other applications. But I intend to return to this arena with a series of papers on common/exclusive agency and nonlinear pricing competition. My papers related to this line of research have been published in Econometrica, International Economic Review, Journal of the European Economic Association, Journal of Mathematical Economics, Journal of Regulatory Economics, and Review of Economic Studies.

I am currently working on the redistributive effects of ruling out price discrimination when consumers are clearly heterogeneous. This project makes use of BLP estimation of alcohol demand using data from the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board. I hope that a sequel addresses some interesting dynamic analysis of mergers. The other projects that keep my mind busy lately are concerned with the massive adoption of diesel-powered engines in Europe and the logic of scrapping programs in the automobile industry.

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