Key Research Interests and Expertise

The key area of my research in the political economy of finance within the African context. Within this large category, my investigation maps the emerging geography of finance across the continent. I am interested in how powerful public authorities and governments are shaping the way financial processes take place within Africa. This includes examining the rise of sub-regional hegemons, such as Morocco, Nigeria, South Africa, and Kenya reach out and embed financial networks within their territory and how sub-national authorities, such as Lagos State and Gauteng, endeavour to position their leading cultural and economic hubs as anchors for global finance. I conduct my research within the context that African countries are part of tremendous global changes as the world economic centre of gravity moves East. An important aspect of this is that African politicians and leaders face huge and urgent developmental challenges and, in response, are increasingly turning to alternative sources of funding, such as private capital markets and public funding from the global South.

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