Teaching Interests

Duncan teaches mainly in microeconomics.  His teaching philosophy focuses on how economic theory can be used to understand real world problems, ensuring that students fully recognise the riches of economics skills for employability. It is an approach that takes advantage of the innate multi-disciplinary nature of economics and mobilises this to vitalise student interest and to advertise the versatile power of economic models.

He has been recognised for his teaching at national level. In 2007 he won the UK Higher Education Academy Student Nomination Award. This is judged on the following criteria: inspire and encourage student interest in economics; challenge and motivate students towards academic excellence; enjoy and recognise the importance of working with students; and enhancing their education out of the classroom. In 2010 he also received a commendation in the UK Higher Education Academy Teaching Awards for Economics. The Awards’ panel described his nomination as “displaying all the qualities of commitment, enthusiasm, innovation and evident success that represent excellent teaching practice”. In 2015 he won a Student Union Innovative Teaching Award for creative and new ways of using technology and teaching methods.

ID: 106044