Key Research Interests and Expertise

The interface of work and private life is my overall research interest. I investigate this topic in three different arenas: 1.) couples, 2.) well-being, and 3.) careers.

With respect to the first arena—couples—I am curious to learn more about the relevance of interaction in couples for work experiences and vice versa. For instance, in a diary study, we examined how dual-career couples allocated their daily time on working when they experienced their relationship to be negative. Furthermore, we also examined whether conventional wisdom is right and long working hours are bad for relationship satisfaction.

Closely linked to this topic, I am also interested in well-being phenomena that bridge the gap between work and private life. In a recent study, we investigated how one’s own job insecurity and the job insecurity of one’s partner interact and have an impact on work engagement, psychological well-being, and turnover intention. Furthermore, I am involved in two projects that examine the impact of commuting on well-being.

Finally, I also study individuals’ careers with a special focus on their private and professional social environment. In one on-going project, we examine how partners can help that their significant others attain important career-related goals. Furthermore, I take part in a project in which we investigate how social referents shape the creation of career narratives.

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