Key Research Interests and Expertise

My research focuses on nonlinear systems with many degrees of freedom like fluids. Specifically, I am interested in out-of-equilibrium regimes that can be studied using various mathematical approaches coming from turbulence, wave-turbulence and integrable systems, and by performing numerical simulations.

Most of my research is devoted to particular types of fluids called superfluids and Bose-Einstein condensates. There, I focus on topological defects called quantum vortices which may have complex dynamics, different topological properties and lead to superfluid (or quantum) turbulence. I also have strong interests in ocean waves dynamics, ranging from weakly interacting waves to strong coherent structures like solitons and breathers (prototypes of rogue waves). Additionally, my wider research is in other nonlinear systems, like the Boltzmann equation used in the kinetic theory of gases and nonlinear chains.

More details about my research can be found on my research website.

Research Group Membership

I am part of the group of Quantum Fluids operating at UEA School of Mathematics. 

ID: 154244