My work thus far has primarily been in philosophical poetics, and in particular has been focused on fundamental concepts of poetics: voice, rhythm, form, medium, lyric, metaphor. My first book, Sounding/Silence: Martin Heidegger at the Limits of Poetics (Fordham UP, 2013), looked at Heidegger's radical rethinking of some of these concepts; my second, On Voice in Poetry: The Work of Animation (Palgrave, 2015) focused on just one of these concepts. I am currently finishing a study of W. S. Graham, entitled The Poem as Art Object, and am increasingly interested in the history of poetry broadcasting: how broadcast media have shaped both poets' relations to audiences and to their own medium, and their listening/reading public's expectations and assumptions about what poetry is and should be. My longer term project is a cultural archaeology of privacy.

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