Professional Activities


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External Activities

  • Chair of Royal Pharmaceutical Society Conference Research Panel - 2012/2013
  • NIHR East of England Research Panel Chair - 2010 to date
  • Chair of HSRPP Conference - 2010
  • Member of Royal Pharmaceutical Society Conference Panel - 2007 to date
  • Member of HSRPP Conference panel - 2009 to 2010

Enterprise and Engagement activities

  • Drafter for the five year GPhC learning outcomes for the integrated clinical degree - 2013
  • Consultancy work for Australian Pharmaceutical Council - 2013
  • Lead academic consultant on Community Pharmacy Futures Group - 2013
  • Lead on modernising Pharmacy Careers independent review on frameworks - 2012
  • Consultancy work for Rosemont Pharmaceuticals - 2002 to date
  • Pre-registration training provider for Waremoss Chemists - 2010 to date
  • Pre-registration training provider East of England Hospital training program

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