External Activities

  • Refereeing for J. Drug Target., J. Pharm. Sci., Pharm, Res,, Biosens & Bioelec, Adv, Drug Deliv, Rev., JCIS, Biochem. J., Int. J. Pharm.
  • Grant reviewer for AICR, BBSRC, EPSRC, Cancer Research Wales
  • Editorial board member for BioImpacts
  • Invited Talks:
  • Irish Drug Delivery Network Cluster Conference, , 2010. Presentation entitled “Peptide-polymer conjugates: experimental pulmonary therapeutics and enabling technologies for macromolecular drug delivery”
  • 2nd EUFEPS Conference on Monoclonal Antibodies, Crowne Plaza Hotel, Heidelberg, Germany 3-6th June 2008. Lecture entitled “Antibody transport across biological barriers”
  • Roche Symposium for Leading Scientists of the Next Decade (March 14-16 2006, Basel). “Uptake of macromolecular via vesicular mechanisms present in pulmonary epithelial cells - Exploitation to achieve effective protein and peptide delivery”

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