My main areas of research relate to coastal processes, coastal protection and sediment transport. I have worked with colleaques on international coastal and beach field experiments in Canada (C2S2 programme), the US (Duck '94, Sandy Duck), New Zealand and Australia, but have a special interest in the erosion and coastal defences of the East Anglian coast (LEACOAST 1, 2 funded by the EPSRC 2002-8). particulary the north Norfolk around to the Orwell in Suffolk. I also have worked on the hydrodynamic and morphodynamice modelling of sandbanks, beaches and rivers.  For many years, I have developed the use of high-frequency acoustic backscatter systems (ABS) for measuring profiles of suspended sand under the action of waves and tides. Mymost recent research projects was the NERC-funded FLOCSAM programme which was designed to investigate the acoustic responses of flocculating marine sediments; currently acoustic instrumentation (such as ADVs, ADCPs and ABS) is used very empirically in muddy marine environments, FLOCSAM has produced models that will move these measurments onto a more physical footing (see below MacDonald et al (2013), Thorne et al (2014) and Vincent et al (under Rreview))

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