Teaching Interests

I am particularlly interested in supervising UG, MSc and PhD students who have an affinity for computational modelling, scripting and/or bioinformatics, and who would like to use and improve their skills to address questions in evolutionary genetic and population genetic research.

I am the module organiser or the MSc module "ENV-MA72: Ecological Modelling and Statistics" in which students acquire basic programming skills (in R) and get training in general and generalised linear statistical modelling and community analysis.

I teach in the 3rd year / MSc module "BIO-6008B: Evolutionary Biology and Conservation Genetics" in which we address the biological applications of molecular genetic markers from the perspective of conservation biology, population biology, organismal phylogeny, molecular ecology and genomics.

In collaboration with Joanne Cable of Cardiff University I also supervise every year a small number of undergraduate and postgraduate research projects in Marine Biology in Tobago.

ID: 116677