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I work with marine gliders, specifically the integration on Acoustic Doppler Current Profilers (ADCPs) onto gliders to directly measure currents in the ocean. The specific glider I work with is SG637 "Omura" equipped with a 1MHz ADCP. Data and live location information from this glider and others in the UEA glider fleet is available on the UEA glider website.

I am a pythonista, current leader of UEA scientific Python and proponent of free software for science. Many of my projects are viewable on github.


Outside of my core work, I teach and tutor Python, work on open source projects, and occasionally write blog articles.


  • 2017-  Postgraduate Researcher UEA

Supervisory Team

Prof. Karen Heywood

Dr. Rob Hall

Dr. Alex Phillips

Academic Background

Integrated Master of Science (MSci) geophysics with study abroad First class, University of Southampton, UK. Included a year studying at Utrecht University, Netherlands under the Erasmus program

Thesis title: Approximating 3D seismic velocities under Sumatra using ambient noise tomography. Supervisor: Dr Nicholas Harmon


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