Key Research Interests and Expertise

My research focuses on the interactions between climate change and the carbon cycle. 

My main research topic is to understand and quantify the strength of the ocean uptake of carbon dioxide (the "ocean CO2 sink") and how it evolves in a changing climate. My work includes the development and analysis of a global ocean carbon model (called PlankTOM) and of databases of marine biogeochemisty, and their use to understand the processes driving observed and projected changes. My research group has developed one of the most detailed representation of marine ecosystems in a global carbon model in the world. We are expanding this now to include additional mortality processes and look at the stability of marine ecosystems given the incredible pressures we put on the ocean environment. 

Part of my research on the carbon cycle is focused on emissions of CO2 and their socio-economic drivers. I looked at how countries succeed (or not) to cut back their emissions. I also looked in detail at the temporary impact of COVID-19 on global CO2 emissions. Most of my research in that space is done through a prolific and stimulating carear-long collaboration with colleagues at the Global Carbon Project. 

My interests are wide and I have worked sporadically on a range of other topics, including on the detection and attribution of ocean oxygen trends to climate change, the habitability of the planet, and sustainable development. 

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