I am a cultural geographer and my research explores the aesthetic and affective politics of architecture, urban design and urban planning practice. I am particularly interested in the night-time of cities and how lighting technologies and infrastructures mediate our relations to our surroundings. Funded through a Leverhulme Early Career Fellowship (2018-2020), I have been exploring the politics of nocturnal human-environment relations in the vertical city. As residential high-rise buildings are increasingly designed for the night, my research investigates how lighting technologies and infrastructures in the vertical city are incorporated into the everyday lives of its residents, and how domestic light and darkness shape how people form meaningful attachments to the places, people and things with which they dwell at night. This work extends a wider interest in the geographies of home, belonging, time and temporality. Through various research collaborations I have been exploring how residents living in neighbourhoods undergoing rapid and often quite violent forms of urban change make sense of the discontinuities of overlapping and intersecting temporalities.

My research is interdisciplinary and engages in a range of experimental collaborations with artists, the museum sector and art institutions. Through close collaboration with a number of photographers and sculptors, I have devised a method for co-producing artworks that emerge directly out of engagement with ethnographic research and research subjects. The artworks and research findings are disseminated through various public and non-academic channels, that include publications with Theatrum Mundi and our independent publication The Dark Preview (currently published in four volumes) and a public exhibition at Black Tower Projects.

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