Clare Connors is interested in literature, deconstruction and creative criticism - and in the interrelations between these. She is the author of Force from Nietzsche to Derrida (Legenda, 2010) and Literary Theory: A Beginner’s Guide (Oneworld, 2010) and the co-editor, with Dr. Stephen Benson, of Creative Criticism: An Anthology and Guide (EUP, 2014).  She is interested in the kinds of thinking literature performs, and permits, and in the kinds of critical writing such fictive thinking solicits. On all of these subjects she finds the work of Jacques Derrida the most extraordinary resource (along with that of Freud, Heidegger, Cixous, Ranciere and Sedgwick, amongst others). She has written essays on rhythm, on rhyme and on grace, and on Elizabeth Bowen, J. M. Coetzee and Ali Smith.

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