Key Research Interests and Expertise

Research in this laboratory addresses the biochemistry and cell biology of inositol phosphates and the enzmes that interconvert them, commonly in plants but also in animal digestive situations where plant materials are components of animal feed.   Our research is aligned closely with the needs of, and supported by, industry.  Our expertise in inositol phosphate analysis and biochemistry is applied in a number of fields ranging from germination biology, particularly malting scenarios, to human disease. Our research exploits the disciplines of enzymology and, with Dr Hemmings (CHE), structural biology. Together, we have solved structures of a number of enzymes of inositol metabolism and have developed powerful probes of enzyme function relevant to inositol phosphate signalling in disease contexts.

Current Collaborators

  • Prof. Tzyy-Jen Chiou (Agricultural Biotechnology Research Center, Academia Sinica, Taiwan)
  • Prof. Barry Potter (University of Oxford)

PhD Positions

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