Teaching Interests

I teach on and convene the module on ‘Assessment Principles, Issues and Practice’ (EDUE7029B) in the MA in Learning, Pedagogy and Assessment

I welcome enquiries for PhD applications related to educational assessment.


Current Doctoral Research Students:

Muhammed Kara

In Cheol Jang

Hyunyoung Kim


Completed doctoral students

Beth Titchiner. ‘The anthropological and epistemological roots of violence in schooling and an exploration towards a non-violent practical philosophy of education’.

Rosanne Tromp.  ‘The Politics of Quality Education: A Trajectory Study of the Competence-Based Curricular Reform of Mexican Primary Education’.

Camilla Addey.  ‘Why do countries join international literacy assessments? An Actor-Network Theory analysis with cases studies from Lao PDR and Mongolia’.  Submitted 2014.

Antoni wojkic.  ‘Schooling at the edge of the world: An ethnographic study of coastal habitus and educational ambivalence in northern Mozambique’.  Completed 2014.

Frances Hay. 'Occupational Stratification and Mobility: An Empirical Investigation into Intergenerational Occupational Change in Relation to Class and Status in India'. Completed 2013.

Juan Carlos Barron-Pastor. ‘Inclusion Policies in Mexican Higher Education: Listening to Participants of Intercultural Programmes’.  Completed 2011.

Samantha Ross-Hepworth. ‘Talking the Walk: Language as the Missing Ingredient of Biodiversity Conservation? An Investigation of Plant Knowledge in West Usambara Mountains, Tanzania’ . Completed 2011.

Hemant Ojha. ‘Engaging Bourdieu and Habermas to Reframe Forest Governance in Nepalese Terai’. Completed 2006.

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