Teaching Interests

I provide a few guest lectures at UEA and elsewhere.  I take a similar approach to both teaching University students and the training of professionals – I employ experiential learning. This means that on the whole the session comprises a series of exercises, group discussions and games. The lecture material provides a structure in which these exercises can be embedded as well as reference to theory and further reading.

Training has taken place both at UEA on various climate change and water security short-courses, but also overseas in countries as diverse as Laos, Zambia, Botswana and Mozambique.

Research Supervision

I am no longer supervising research students.  Past students include:

  • Citalli Becerril-Tinoco; 'Institutional Analysis of Water Management in Mexico'
  • David Blake; 'Irrigationalism – the politics and ideology of irrigation development in the Nam Songkhram Basin, Northeast Thailand'
  • María de Jesús Márquez Dorantes; 'The institutional paradox of water investment in Mexico City: Institutional arrangements for trade-offs in actors’ objectives and their constraints to the sustainable development of the water sector.'
  • Matthew England; 'IWRM and Climate Change in India'
  • Virginia Hooper: 'Inter-sectoral water allocation in developing countries'
  • Dorice Agol; ‘Linking Culture and Science: Water Resources in Kenya’
  • Henry Alhassan; ‘Large Dams: A Development Imperative, a Tyranny of Technology, or a Subversion of Southern Coutries Development: Case Studies of the Akosombo Dam and the Bui Dam Project of Ghana’
  • Nicholas Hepworth; ‘The Role of Regulatory Practice in Integrated Water Resource Management: Impacts, Implications and Insights for Progress via a Multiple Case Study of Sectoral Water Uses in Tanzania’
  • Joe Hill; ‘Water Rights and Water Governance in Chotanagpur, Jharkhand’
  • Suzanty Sitorus; ‘Linkages between Water, Politics and Territoriality in the Implementation of Integrated Water Resources Management: The Case in Indonesia'
  • Julien Cour; ‘Understanding the Needs of Institutions for the Development of Water Resource Management 'Decision Aids' Software: Learning from the Ruaha Basin, Tanzania’ 


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