Key Research Interests and Expertise

Most of Ben's research can be located in the fields of behavioural and experimental economics and impact evaluation in low-income countries. The research themes he has pursued and published on include: social networks and resource sharing, the functioning of rural markets, equity-efficiency trade-offs in irrigation systems, reproductive health, repayment and impact of microfinance, the micro-politics behind community-based development and the behavioural economics of rural investment. He has conducted most of his fieldwork in Nicaragua, Tanzania and Uganda.

Research Groups:  Behavioural and Experimental Development Economics; Centre for Behavioural and Experimental Social Science; Impact Evaluation for International Developement

Research grants management

2016-2019 A Behavioural Economic Analysis of Reproductive Health in Burkina Faso and Tanzania, £493,452. DFID/ESRC. Principal Investigator.

2012-2015 A Behavioural Economic Analysis of Agricultural Investment Decisions in Uganda, £431,995. DFID/ESRC. Co-investigator.

ID: 91844