Key Research Interests and Expertise

My background and expertise span across several disciplines including polymer science (Chemistry), pharmaceutical formulation (Pharmacy), and tissue engineering and regenerative medicine (Biology and Medicine), in particular:

  • Design and synthesis of biodegradable, stimuli sensitive (temperature and pH) and functionalised polymers using controlled/living polymerisation techniques (ROP, RAFT and ATRP),
  • Fabrication of colloidal nano- and micro-carriers for targeted and controlled-release delivery of biopharmaceuticals, conventional drugs, biopolymers and therapeutic proteins.
  • Design and Synthesis of three-dimensional (3D) cell culture materials as injectable and implantable cell delivery systems.


My current research is focused on development of novel technology platforms for application in Drug Delivery and Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine


  • Acellular 3D biomaterial matrices for use in cellular expansion (In vitro use)
  • Injectable hydrogels as cellular and therapeutic proteins delivery system (In vivo cellular based therapy)
  • 3D printing of complex cellular organisation and tissue-like pattern
  • Design, synthesis and characterisation of polymeric nanoparticulate drug delivery system
  • Targeted therapeutics for cancer treatment with “Smart” nanomaterial with controlled-release features




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