Key Research Interests

·         Nurse-led interventions designed to improve the care of older people

·         The epidemiology of ageing

·         Mental health needs of older people

Research Grants

Brayne C, Arthur A, Bond J, Jagger C, Matthews F, McDonald A, McKeith I, Wittenberg R. (2008-2013) Is Ageing Changing? Health, healthy life and cognition across generations Medical Research Council £2,567,469

Coupland C, Hippisley-Cox J, Morris R, Arthur A, Kendrick T, Moore M. (2011-2013) Safety of antidepressants in people aged under 65: cohort study using a large primary care database NIHR School for Primary Care Research £119,961

Seymour J, Arthur A, Wilson E, Forsythe A. (2008-2010) Evaluation of the Department of Health/King’s Fund ‘Environments for Care at the End of Life’ programme King's Fund £50,684

Coupland C, Hippisley-Cox J, Arthur A, Sach T, Morriss R. (2008-2010) Safety and harms of antidepressant drugs for older people: an analysis using a large primary care database The HTA programme of the NIHR £95,969

Arthur A, Wilson E, James M, Stanton W, Seymour J. (2010) A review of the English language literature on bereavement, bereavement support and bereavement services Department of Health £38,682

Seymour J, Arthur A, Cox K, Pollock K, Stanton W. (2009) Public attitudes to death, dying & bereavement: a systematic review National Council for Palliative Care £35,224

Hanratty B, Addington-Hall JM, Arthur A, Grande G, Payne SA, Seymour J. (2008-2009) Older adults with advanced cancer living alone: An exploratory study Dimbleby Cancer Care £69,805

Siddall V, Addington-Hall J, Porock P, Wilcock A, Langley-Evans S, Hopkinson J, Arthur A. (2007-2008) Predicting weight loss in patients with cancer: Development and preliminary validation of a simple and practical screening tool National Cancer Research Initiative £73,019


Recent Research outputs

Venkatasalu MK, Arthur A, Seymour J. Talking about end-of-life care: the perspectives of older South Asians living in East London. Journal of Research in Nursing2013;in press.

Wale J, Arthur A, Faull C. An analysis of knowledge and attitudes of hospice staff towards organ and tissue donation. BMJ Supportive and Palliative Care 2013;in press.

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ID: 70295