Teaching Interests


  • I oversee all GP teaching development, and led the course from its first year 4 to its accreditation year (2007). We have 80 practices, a full QA and CPD programme, and excellent feedback for an unusually intensive GP teaching requirement.
  • I also was on the founder team to develop and implement the medical humanities stream (‘Studies Outside Medicine’). the clinical mental health curriculum, and the MBBS approach to professionalism and reflective practice.
  • From 2009, having ended 3 years as Course Director, I was responsible for
  • Professional development and fitness to practice MB/BS lead
  • All learning delivered in primary care via GPs & their teams/ patients
  • Guidance on reflective practice / portfolio-based learning
  • GP academic clinical fellows in training (2 per year over 4 year program)

I have been involved in ongoing quality improvement activities, including

  • Review and consolidation of the taught curriculum into a comprehensive written syllabus defined by learning outcomes
  • Revision of the problem based patient cases to reflect the UK socio-demographic profile
  • Review of the primary care and professionalism curricular themes.
  • I also lead a 7 person research group within the Department of Public Health and Primary Care


ID: 140654