Key Research Interests and Expertise

Adriana’s research spans the fields of International Relations Theory, in particular constructivism, and international law. She is the author of International Relations Theory and International Law: A Critical Approach (Cambridge University Press) and her work has appeared in Political Studies, International Politics and the Review of International Studies. She would be interested in supervising postgraduate research students in all areas of contemporary International Relations theory and interdisciplinary work on international law. She has successfully supervised PhDs on hydro-politics in the Lower Jordan River, hydro-politics and the notion of power, and the role of social movements upon human rights change. She is currently supervising a PhD on collective security arrangements in East Asia.



She has received the following funding:

 -        2018: Visiting Fellow at the University of Queensland, Australia

-        2012: AHRC/BBC Radio 3’s New Generation Thinker Scheme

-        2005-7: Research Fellowship at Collaborative Research Centre 597, University of Bremen, Germany

-        2004-5: Postdoctoral Research Fellowship in Global Politics and International Law at the Liu Institute for Global Issues, University of British Columbia, 2004-2005

-        2001-2004: Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) Studentship, PhD



Sinclair, A. (forthcoming 2020) ‘Why we should see international law as a structure: unpicking international law’s ontology and agency’ International Relations.

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Sinclair, A. (2010) International Relations Theory and International Law: A Critical Approach (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press)


Sinclair, A. (2010) ‘Hidden in Plain Sight: Constructivist Treatment of Social Context and its Limitations’ with Milja Kurki, International Politics 47(1), 1-25


Sinclair, A. (2010) ‘Law, Caution: Towards a Better Understanding of Law for IR Theorists’, Review of International Studies, 37(3), 1095-1112

Sinclair, A.  and Michael Byers (2007) ‘When US Scholars Speak of Sovereignty, What Do They Mean?’, Political Studies, 55(2), 318-40


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