I am a social scientist who specializes in interdisciplinary research to inform the management of natural resources in developing countries, particularly in relation to governance of protected areas, integrated conservation and development, participatory forestry and agricultural intensification. Recent work has pursued four main themes. Firstly, conservation and environmental justice, including the potential for understanding normative values to support higher quality environmental decision making and to support conflict transformation. Secondly, the analysis of multidimensional wellbeing values to understand links between ecosystem services and poverty alleviation. Thirdly, the use of market-based instruments, including payments for ecosystem services, as a means to resolving trade-offs in environmental governance. Fourthly, using ideas about conflict transformation to examine responses to environmental conflicts and to identify pathways to sustainability. This work has been project funded by ERC, ESRC, NERC, DFID and others. The interdisciplinary nature of my work is reflected in the range of journals that I publish in, primarily in social science journals such as World Development, Human Ecology, Ecological Economics and Global Environmental Change, but also selecting to communicate through more natural science oriented journals such as Biological Conservation, Conservation Letters, BioScience and Nature Sustainability.

I am director of UEA’s Global Environmental Justice research group

I am also a Coordinating Lead Author for the IPBES Assessment of Diverse Values of Nature.


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