Key Research Interests

Research Funding

Molecular nanomagnets: Synthetic and spectroscopic exploration of the limits of information storage
Thomson, AJ and Cheesman, MR
01-Oct-03 - 30-Jun-09

The Wbl proteins - a novel family of [4Fe-4S] cluster-containing transcription factors
Thomson, J
01-Apr-06 - 31-Mar-09

Signal perception by the global transcription factor FNR
Thomson, AJ, Cheesman, MR and LeBrun, NE
15-Nov-04 - 14-Nov-07

Relaxation of electron spins by anisotropic paramagnetic metal centres; a novel probe of protein structure and dynamics
Thomson, AJ and Cheesman, MR
01-Aug-04 - 30-Sep-07

Wellcome Trust
JIF: Biophysical Chemistry at UEA
Thomson, AJ, Cheesman, MR, Le Brun, NE, Kleanthous, CK (York), Richardson, DJ, Watmough, NJ, Moore, GR, Butt, JN, Hemmings, AM and Hayward, S
01-Jun-01 - 30-Jun-06

Mapping of membrane proteins by multi-frequency time domain EPR
Thomson, AJ and Cheesman, MR
01-Oct-02 - 16-Jun-06

SRIF 2 - Chemical Science Research Infrastructure
Thomson, AJ
15-Dec-05 - 31-Mar-06

Royal Society of Chemistry
Protein specific spectroscopic labels for screening of drug-cell interactions by time domain multi-frequency EPR
Thomson, AJ
01-Oct-02 - 31-Dec-05

The bioenergetics and biosynthesis of the bacterial nitric oxide reductase
Richardson, DJ, Thomson, AJ, Spiro, S and Watmough, NJ
01-Oct-00 - 30-Apr-04

JREI: A bacterial growth downstream processing facility at UEA
Richardson, DJ, Thomson, AJ + 6 others
26-Mar-01 - 01-Dec-03

Metalloprotein spectroscopy & structural biology of microbial and plant proteins
Thomson, A J, Moore, G R, Richardson, D J & Kleanthous, K C
01-Oct-99 - 30-Sep-03

Institute of Food Research
Contribution to Chemistry Research
Thomson, AJ
01-Jul-01 - 30-Jun-03

Wellcome Trust
Structural spectroscopic and electrochemical characterisation of tetra-heme and deca-heme cytochromes involved in bacterial Fe(III) respiration
Thomson, AJ, Richardson, D J & Hemmings, AM
01-Jan-00 - 01-May-03

Development of two photon fluorescence bioimaging
Meech, S R, Andrews, D L, Thomson, A J & Shaw, P J (John Innes Centre, Norwich)
13-Oct-99 - 13-Mar-03

Monitoring Environmental Oxygen: FNR, A sensor of Oxygen and Oxidative Stress
Thomson, A J and Green, J G (Sheffield)
01-Jan-00 - 31-Dec-02

Structure and function of nitric oxide reductase: An ancient oxidase
Thomson, A J, Cheesman, M R, Watmough, N, Richardson, D J & Spiro S
15-Nov-98 - 25-Nov-02

Thomson, AJ
01-Oct-99 - 30-Sep-02

Nitrous oxide reductase: Comparative and functional studies of novel copper-thiolate centres
Thomson, A J and Richardson, DJ
01-Jul-98 - 31-May-02

Magneto-optical properties & synthesis of molecular magnets of transition metal clusters
Thomson, A J and Powell, A K
01-Jan-99 - 31-Dec-01

Royal Society of Chemistry
Development of a sensitive and selective direct electrochemical sensor for DNA with potential application in parallel genomics
Thomson, A J and Butt, JN
01-Oct-98 - 30-Sep-01

Supramolecular arrays M(111) oxyhydroxide nanodisks: Synthesis, structures, magnetism and film formation
Thomson, A J and Heath, S L (Sheffield)
01-Oct-97 - 31-Jan-01

ID: 24250