Key Research Interests

Andreas would be willing to supervise students in the following areas:
Competition Law
Cartels Horizontal Agreements

Journal Articles:

"Why Morality should be Excluded from the Criminalisation Debate" (2012) 3 New Journal of European Criminal Law 126-137

‘Price Fixing During a Recession: Implications of an Economic Downturn for Cartels and Enforcement’ (2012) 35 World Competition 511-528

‘Why the UK’s New Approach to Competition Compliance Makes for Good Enforcement’ (2012) CPI Antitrust Chronicle FEB-12(1)

‘Did Lloyds / HBOS mark the failure of an enduring economics based system of merger regulation?’ (2011) 62 NILQ 539-52

‘Disqualification Orders for Directors Involved in Cartels’ (2011) 2 Journal of European Competition Law and Practice 529-536

‘How Dishonesty Killed the Cartel Offence’ [2011] Crim LR 446-455

‘OFT Dairy Price-fixing Case Leaves Sour Taste for Cooperating Parties in Settlements’ (2010) 30 ECLR 14-16

‘See no Evil: Cartels and the Limits of Antitrust Compliance Programs’ (2010) 31 The Company Lawyer 231-239

‘Cartel Laws Undermined: Corruption, Social Norms and Collectivist Business Cultures’ (2010) 37 Journal of Law and Society 345-67

‘The Direct Settlement of EC Cartel Cases’ (2009) 58 ICLQ 627-654

'An Empirical Assessment of the European Leniency Notice' (2009) 5 Journal of Competition Law & Economics 537-561

'Survey of Public Attitudes to Price-Fixing and Cartel Enforcement in Britain' (2008) 5 Comp. Law Review 123-145

'The Bankruptcy Wildcard in Cartel Cases' [2006] JBL 531-514

Chapters in Books:

‘Prioritizing Cartel Enforcement in Developing World Competition Agencies’ in D Sokol, T Cheng and I Lianos (eds) Competition Law and Development (Stanford University Press 2012)

‘Cartel Criminalisation: the role of the media in the “battle for hearts and minds”’ in C Beaton-Wells and A Ezrachi (eds.) Criminalising Cartels: Unexplored Dimensions and Unforeseeable Consequences (Hart Oxford, 2011) 381-395

‘The Graphite Electrode Cartel: Fines Which Deter?’ in B Lyons (ed) Cases in European Competition Policy: The Economic Analysis (CUP Cambridge 2009) 137-159 (with M Hviid)

Comments in Media:

‘Blow for watchdog as BA fine is halved’ (20 April 2012) Financial Times p16

‘BA fuel surcharge fine slashed to £58.5m because it helped OFT during probe’ (20 April 2012) Daily Mail

‘Watchdog turns on Virgin over cartel case failure’ (11 May 2010) Financial Times p21

‘OFT levies £225m fine for cigarette price fixing’ (17 April 2010) The Guardian

‘Questions over Richard Branson as BA four face court’ (12 April 2010) The Times p35

‘RBS hit by £28.6m fine in loan price-fixing scandal’ (31 March 2010) Daily Express p73

‘RBS pays, Barclays walks, in loan case’ (31 March 2010) Wall Street Journal Europe p21

‘Leaked information costs RBS a record £28.6m OFT fine’ (31 March 2010) The Scotsman

‘RBS fined for breaching competition law’ (30 March 2010) Reuters.
Also published online by New York Times, ABC News, Washington Post and The Irish Times

‘Building companies are fined £130m for rigging bids’ (23 September 2009) The Times p21

‘Why some builders thought false bids were ok’ (23 September 2009) Eastern Daily Press p6/7 Business.

‘Unsteady course in move to end price fixing’ (22 September 2009) Financial Times

‘OFT to fine construction firms millions over price fixing’ (22 September 2009) Daily Telegraph p2

‘Building groups braced for big fines’ (22 September 2009) Financial Times p18

‘BA has jettisoned service to chase profits’ (5 August 2007) Independent on Sunday

‘BA fined £270m for price fixing’ (1 August 2007) The Guardian

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