Dr Lazar is an associate professor and principle investigator at the school of Health Sciences with a strong research interest in the significance of human sleep and circadian rhythmicity in brain health. With more than 13 years of experience in sleep research Alpar has studied sleep and cognition in children and adults presenting normal and pathological development and aging. Following his PhD studies at Semmelweis University Budapest where he investigated the sleep physiological correlates of Asperger syndrome, he soon joined the Surrey Sleep Research Centre, UK where he studied the genetics of sleep-wake regulation and chronotype. His work has contributed to a better understanding of the impact of sleep-wake homeostasis and circadian rhythmicity on brain activity and cognition. As he gradually became more interested in pathological aging Alpar joined Cambridge University where he investigated the role of early sleep disturbances in Huntington’s disease (HD), an autosomal dominant neurodegenerative disorder and showed for the first time that sleep is one of the earliest homeostatic processes to go wrong in HD specific neurodegeneration. Alpar joined UEA by the end of 2016 and has been awarded a Wellcome trust seed award in science to establish his own group and study the impact of genetic risk factors for developing Alzheimer’s disease on sleep-wake regulation and cognition. 


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