Teaching Interests

I have taught across a wide variety of modules related to my research interests:


HIS-4003A - Introduction to Modern History

HIS-4005B - The Holocaust in History (defunct)

HIS-4006B - The Age of Extremes

HIS-4007B - Visual(ising) History

HIS-4008B - History, Controversy and Debate

HIS-5012A - Victorian Britain

HIS-5055B - Women, Power and Politics II

HIS-6026A - Victorian Underworlds

HIS-6070Y - We are Not Amused

HIS-7024Y - Historical Research Skills: Demystifying Academic Publishing

HIS-7025Y - Specialist Tutorials: Women, Fiction, and (Re)Writing History 



LDCL-4008A - Literature in History I

LDCL-6116/17B - New Worlds: Science Fiction and Beyond



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