Key Research Interests and Expertise

My key research interests, in both history and literature, have to do with the interaction between narrative and the world. I am fascinated by the use of language and imagery to create worlds (whether fictional or historical), and see this as essential to our writing of history. I am also interested, broadly, in the arcane and the offbeat, particuarly where it intersects with these questions of world and narrative creation.

Specifically, my research interests are:

History: late Victorian Britain, the Victorian music hall and theatre, Victorian sex and sexuality, the Victorian asylum, penny dreadfuls/penny bloods/etc.; women in Victorian society and more broadly; feminism; historical theory (especially postmodernism); film and history; and medical humanities

Literature: genre (science fiction, fantasy, the gothic, the romance), literary theory, metafictionality, postmodernism; narratology; reader-response theory; world building; possible worlds theory; the representation of alchemy and related subjects in early modern fiction; film and literature

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