Academic Background

I began my academic career as a literary scholar before moving into history in 2013. I received my PhD in literature, drama and creative writing in 2012 at UEA, working on genre, postmodernism, and literary theory. I completed UEA's now defunct Studies in Fiction MA in 2008, and my disseration was on Gothic fiction, Shirley Jackson, and the postmodern and I retain interests in these areas as well as early modern fictional representations of alchemy.

I teach largely on Victorian Britain and visual representations of history. My main historical interests lie in the creation of historical narratives and historical theory, Victorian popular entertainment, and sex and gender in the Victorian period more broadly. I would be happy to supervise disserations on any of these and connected topics. My interests and teaching approaches are intensely interdisciplinary. 

A version of my PhD thesis was recently comissioned as a book for Gylphi Limited as Metafiction and Narrative Worlds in Science Fiction. Though I mostly work in history these days, I remain with a foot firmly in each discipline, and future research projects include shorter work on Christopher Nolan's The Prestige, and the Star Trek reboot and world-building. My next book-length project ties together both disciplines and will be a study of female-authored, female-centred time travel narratives that work as 'alternate histories'. 

In addition to my teaching in history, I also occasionally moonlight in the School of Literature, Drama and Creative Writing at UEA on various modules relevant to my research interests. 

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