Key Research Interests

I am essentially a plant ecologist whose work mainly centres on coastal and aquatic systems, ecological restoration and conservation. The approach frequently involves population-based and eco-physiological studies that are aimed a both the advancement of ecological understanding and its practical application. Much of our work is designed to provide scientific under-pinning for species conservation for or the reconstruction of degraded ecosystems.

Current Research Projects

  • Restoration and conservation of threatened charophyte (stonewort) populations and their functions in shallow lakes
  • Successional development of salt marshes after managed and accidental coastal realignment following breaches of seawalls.
  • Population and physiological ecology of halophytes in North Norfolk, and in a mosaic of developing and eroding salt marshes at Odiel in S.W. Spain (collaborating with Prof. E. Figueroa, University of Sevilla).
  • Ecological tolerances of beach and dune species, and the ecohydrology of sand-dune systems.

Life in our research group 

We are a diverse group, with varied backgrounds and experience, but have a common enthusiasm to address ecological questions firmly rooted in field observations of plant distribution and abundance, particularly when they may inform larger-scale issues of ecosystem function. Often but not always the immediate topic of interest will contribute to investigating practical problems of ecological restoration or biodiversity conservation (another integrating theme). There is some emphasis on the use of environmental manipulations for field experimentation, backed up by appropriate laboratory, glasshouse and growth-cabinet studies. Projects may be based anywhere in the world; recently group members have been working in western Australia, S.W. Spain and Paraguay, and we currently have plans to expand work in Saudi Arabia. We have featured recently in the annual ‘Rebellion’ student conference organized by the Centre for Ecology, Evolution and Conservation and regularly contribute to its weekly seminars.

PhD Positions

Please email me to discuss PhD opportunities and projects within the School of Biological Sciences.

Postdocs & Fellows 

I am always happy to discuss possibilities for postdoctoral work and collaborations. Possible funding routes include applying for fellowships, with me acting as sponsor, or grant applications with you as a named post-doc. At the moment, I am particularly keen to help establish conservation-based projects in Paraguay, in collaboration with the World land Trust and Guyra Paraguay.

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