I completed my Bachelor’s studies in Financial Management at the University of Business and Technology, Saudi Arabia. I earned my MBA from the University of Colorado at Denver, U.S.A., with an emphasis on International Business.


I worked for three years in the banking sector at the Trade Services Department, Saudi Arabia. This professional experience has given me new aspects to view how people from various cultures interact and negotiate to approach a mutually acceptable trade agreement, which is mostly “if not totally” materially-driven.


Before I joined UEA as a PhD student in October 2016, I had worked as a Business administration lecturer at Umm Al-Qura University, Saudi Arabia, where I taught undergraduate classes such as Introduction to Business Administration, Human Resource Management, Financial Management, and Introduction to Marketing. This experience has shifted my academic knowledge as well as my personal paradigm in many ways. For instance, observing how students cooperatively and collaboratively learn and interact in a socially-driven environment have kindled my interest to explore the interconnected relation among agency, structure, culture, and symbolism.


My research interests span the fields of consumer behavior with specific focus on the following areas; self-concept, socio-cultural milieus, marketplace culture, digital identities, and social media. Furthermore, I am interested in qualitative research work such as phenomenology and ethnography.

My primary supervisor is Dr. Nick Yip, and my secondary supervisor is Dr. Usha Sundaram.

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