I have always been fascinated by the way colloid drops (milk, coffee, paints etc.) stain surfaces when they dry. This has materialised in a PhD from the University of Edinburgh on understanding the coffee-stain formation mechanism from nanofluidic drops. During my PhD I gained knowledge in heat transfer, wetting and particularly multiscale surface patterning. I further developed my expertise in these areas at Kyushu University in Japan where I emphasized in how wetting influences phase-change and the associated heat transfer at all scales. Currently, I am a lecturer in mechanical engineering at UEA where I lead research in wetting physics, phase-change and surface patterning at all scales.

Selected Publications

Superstable Ultrathin Water Film Confined in a Hydrophilized Carbon Nanotube

Tomo, Y., Askounis, A., Ikuta, T., Takata, Y., Sefiane, K. & Takahashi, K., Nano Letters 183p. 1869-1874 (2018)


Influence of Local Heating on Marangoni Flows and Evaporation Kinetics of Pure Water Drops

Askounis, A., Kita, Y., Kohno, M., Takata, Y., Koutsos, V. & Sefiane, K., Langmuir 3323p. 5666-5674 (2017).


On the linear dependence of a carbon nanofiber thermal conductivity on wall thickness

Askounis, A., Yamada, Y., Ikuta, T., Takahashi, K., Takata, Y. & Sefiane, K., AIP Advances 611, p. 115119 (2016)


“Biodrop” Evaporation and Ring-Stain Deposits: The Significance of DNA Length

Askounis, A., Takata, Y., Sefiane, K., Koutsos, V. & Shanahan, M. E. R., Langmuir 3217p. 4361-4369 (2016)


Structural transitions in a ring stain created at the contact line of evaporating nanosuspension sessile drops

Askounis, A., Sefiane, K., Koutsos, V. & Shanahan, M. E. R., Physical Review E 87, p. 012301 (2013)

Nanoparticle deposits near the contact line of pinned volatile droplets: size and shape revealed by atomic force microscopy

Askounis, A., Orejon, D., Koutsos, V., Sefiane, K. & Shanahan, M. E. R., Soft Matter 79p. 4152-4155 (2011)

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