We want to understand how gene regulatory pathways control animal development. There are currently more than 150 diverse chemical modifications found on RNA. RNA modifications affect gene expression by regulating RNA processing, stability and expression. We are using the C. elegans germline development as a model system to study the role of RNA modifications in germ cell proliferation and differentiation. 

We aim to 

- develop new methodologies to identify modified RNAs

- characterise the biological role of RNA modifying enzymes

- study the interactions between cellular metabolism and RNA modifications

Our research is currently supported by a prestigious UK Research and Innovation Future Leaders Fellowship (UKRI-FLF). 


2020 - ....... UKRI Future Leaders Fellow / Principal Investigator, University of East Anglia 

2012 - 2019 Postdoctoral researcher, Gurdon Institute, University of Cambridge

2007 - 2012 PhD in Life Sciences, University of Dundee

2005 - 2007 MSc in Molecular Biology and Bioinformatics, University of Amsterdam, Netherlands

2000 - 2005 BSc in Biology, Middle East Technical University, Turkey

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